• Breath Work With Leigh Ewin 19.9.

Breath Work With Leigh Ewin 19.9.

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Saturday 19.9.2020

11:30-13:30 120 min

Leigh Ewin is a breathworker and cold exposure instructor. He has worked with several of the world's most recognised breathwork practitioners and holds certifications in multiple methodologies, including Wim Hof Method and others.

You can find Leigh teaching and guiding breathwork anywhere from an athletic field with athletes, in yoga studios or in teepees in the middle of the forest.

This session will give you tools to understand your own breath and breathing patterns, including "warm up" exercises to open parts of the body of which you need to breathe comfortably and efficiently. You will also learn how to use the breath as a "remote control" for your body and especially the nervous system. Finally we will finish with a breathwork meditation that will allow you a little "escape" from everything and can provide a very deep experience for participants.


11:30 - Intro

11:50 - Body for breathing (warmup/movements)

12:10 - Shapes of breathing (rhythm and shapes of our breath)

12:30 - Deep Breathing meditation

13:15 - Warm down/Q&A

13:30 - End of session

Please bring:

- Yoga mat

- Small pillow for your head (rolled up towel also works)

- Warm socks/blanket

- Drink bottle (for water)

- Eye mask/sleeping mask (not essential but can provide comfort)